The Benefits Of A Scalp Oil Massage As A Home Spa

The Benefits Of A Scalp Oil Massage As A Home Spa

Both men and women stand to gain from treating themselves to a home spa break involving a scalp oil massage. The hair and scalp, like any other part of the body, need to be given special attention from time to time. Fortunately, that attention can also be very relaxing to the nerves since it involves massage. Many women complain of having occasionally dull, lifeless hair, and men would like to retard male pattern baldness for as long as possible. It should be noted that once such baldness has already occurred, a scalp oil massage won’t produce new growth. However, some have claimed that the balding process was halted to some degree.


Olive or avocado oil may be used, but olive oil is recommended over avocado oil. Why? Although both are said to be similar to the oil produced by the skin’s sebaceous glands, olive oil doesn’t present the worry of the possible use of solvents since the oil is easily obtained through cold pressing. Solvents are very dangerous chemicals that should be completely avoided even in trace amounts.


The oil should be slightly warmed and dried cayenne ground pepper mixed into it. This can be purchased from the seasonings section of a regular grocery/food store. Why is cayenne added to the oil? What purpose does it serve? Cayenne is one of nature’s strongest stimulants both internally and externally. When mixed with a carrier substance such as olive oil, and applied externally, it helps to bring the blood to the surface area to which it was applied. All nutrients are carried by the blood, therefore, good circulation is vital to nourish and keep every part of the body alive and vibrant.


The warmed olive oil and cayenne mixture is rubbed and massaged into the scalp for approximately 3 minutes. Stimulation of the scalp by the increased circulation and warming produced by the cayenne is detected immediately and may continue for a half hour or more. The oil massage spa break involves the person comfortably resting with the head well supported during the treatment, after which the hair is shampooed. The benefits include hair that’s noticeably more moisturized and a stimulating tingling effect that’s naturally produced.


What better way is there to assist the circulatory system in delivering important nutrients to the hair and scalp? The oil massage home spa break is just what may be needed to rejuvenate the scalp and hair, a woman’s crowning glory.


How To Prepare An Herbal Rejuvenating Foot Spa

How To Prepare An Herbal Rejuvenating Foot Spa

Cashiers, food service workers, mail carriers, and nurse aides are just a few of the people who tend to spend hours per day on their feet as their jobs require extended periods of standing. Consequently, many experience the discomfort of having sore feet. The wearing of high quality tennis and nursing shoes does not completely guard against the very uncomfortable effects that consecutive hours of standing can have on the feet.


It’s therefore advisable to implement some type of regiment to combat the conditions of tired and sore feet. Very simple herbal home foot spas have produced measurable improvement for many sufferers of podiatric afflictions. The visible improvement has been seen not only in the case of sore and tired feet, but also in cases of corns and callouses.


Herbal foot spa breaks require very little equipment and preparation. A pan or bucket large enough to accommodate both feet and enough water to cover them is essential. Additionally, an infusion or a decoction of the herb of choice is needed. 


Chamomile tea has been relied upon by many to bring relief to feet, especially in the cases of corns and callouses because it softens the skin. Chamomile, also spelled “Camomile” is freely available in the average grocery store, in the section where coffee and teas are sold. The flowers are the part of the plant normally used. They are delicate, therefore, an infusion instead of a decoction is made. 


An infusion is generally prepared by pouring approximately one cup (8 ounces) of boiling water over a heaping teaspoon of the dried or fresh herb. The tea should then be allowed to steep for at least 3 minutes in order to extract the volatile oils and medicinal properties out of the material.


It’s highly recommended to prepare at least 2 cups of chamomile flower infusion to add to the water for the foot spa. However, each individual should increase the number of cups used or the strength of the infusion until the desired results are obtained. Very warm water should be used and it should completely cover the feet. Hot water should be gradually added as the water cools during the spa which should last from twenty to thirty minutes to reap the greatest benefit.


Another advantage with the chamomile foot spa break is that this herb not only helps to soften corns and callouses, but also has a very pleasant aroma which is somewhat similar to that of fresh apples. 


Immediately after the herbal foot spa break, the feet should be thoroughly dried and a natural emollient such as olive oil, liberally applied. Light, instead of virgin/extra virgin olive oil may be preferred due to its lighter texture and the fact that it’s practically odorless. Olive oil is similar to the natural oils secreted by the sebaceous glands and when applied after a bath, or soak in this case, sinks deeper into the skin since the pores are open.


The herbal foot spa break is an economical, safe, all-natural, and easy way to pamper one’s tired and sore feet.

Spa Break for a Good Night’s Sleep

Spa Break for a Good Night’s Sleep

It’s often forgotten just how important rest is in the battle against stress levels that can soar high enough to bring on serious physical health problems. 

As a spa break is temporary escape from stress, falling into a restful sleep can and should be an integral part of the experience. Fortunately, attending to the body’s need for a comfortable sleep can also be a stand-alone measure to follow for enjoying a form of a spa break often.


Most people simply climb into bed when sleep is overtaking them and wake when the alarm interrupts their insufficient rest. However, with just a few preparations, many people can economically treat themselves to a spa break in the comfort of their own home.


What are the preparations to be made? 

First, approximately 1 hour before going to bed, an all natural and safe sedative may be taken to calm the nerves and help to induce sleep. Valerian is an herb that’s native to Europe and America, but has gained much attention in the West in recent years. It’s believed that it was used by the ancient Greeks and Romans for a variety conditions among which figured insomnia, nervousness and tension.


The root is the part that’s employed in folk medicine and is available as a bulk herb or in capsules. The bulk herb which is usually the dried root has what most people would describe as an awful odor although it’s practically void of taste. 


A decoction is prepared if working with the bulk herb. The making of a decoction involves simmering a teaspoon of the plant material in plain water for at least fifteen minutes after which the tea may be sweetened with honey. Some people prefer the convenience of the capsules which should be taken with a full glass of water or according to instructions on the bottle. Valerian should not be taken by those who are already on medications for insomnia or anxiety.


The type of pillow used is most important in this home spa break. Man spends about one-third of his life resting. If it isn’t done properly a stiff neck, back pain, headaches, and even allergies are often the consequences. How can a person know what type of pillow he needs for his spa break? There are very basic guidelines to follow for choosing an adequate pillow for a good night’s rest. Those who tend to sleep mostly on their back may do well in choosing a thinner pillow. Those who sleep on their stomach are advised to choose a pillow that’s almost flat. Sleep on one’s side should be aided by electing a quite fluffy pillow which helps to keep the body aligned.


A spa break doesn’t always have to require large amounts of money or travel.

Effective Stress Management In An Economical Home Spa Break

Effective Stress Management In An Economical Home Spa Break

The hectic life that so many people are forced to lead in today’s world has inevitably subjected them to very high levels of stress which can and often do trigger health problems.


 Among the most common physical manifestations of stress are headaches and abnormal sleep patterns, including, but not limited to insomnia. What can the sufferer of stress who doesn’t have the means to afford an expensive trip to a spa do to treat himself to a relaxing getaway without ever leaving his home?


Many visitors to spas take full advantage of the facility’s saunas, steam rooms, and whirlpools to relax and soothe tense and sore muscles. Such treatments are quite costly. However, without warm water, none of them would be possible. This fact should remind the home spa enthusiast that he has the main substance needed to simulate, as far as possible, many of the treatments offered during luxuriously relaxing spa breaks.


Because so many people in the Western world are accustomed to taking showers, they have forgotten the wondrous relaxing effect of a simple warm bath. Absolutely nothing fancy is required to treat oneself to a calming half-hour spa break in the bathtub. There are a few things to keep in mind when preparing for such a stress relieving experience. First, baths should not be taken within 2 hours after a meal. Second, the atmosphere needs some preparation in order to get the most benefit from the spa. What things are recommended for the preparation?


Soft music such as the playing of a harp can prove most beneficial to listen to during a relaxing bath. However, any soft and melodious music is recommended. The powerful affect that music has on the mind has been observed literally for thousands of years. Biblical scripture mentions a man named Saul who was one of the kings of the Israelites. Saul suffered from extreme stress because he endured a time in his life when he was repeatedly troubled by an evil spirit that haunted him. Scripture reveals that a man named David, who also came to rule Israel, soothed Saul’s disturbed soul by playing the harp for him. The beautiful music of the harp caused the evil spirit to leave his presence, offering him relief, temporary relief, but relief nevertheless.


It’s worth noting that the New Age has ushered in the popular genre of music known as “mood” music. Some book and music stores even sell and promote music that has subliminal messages of “peace” incorporated into the recording. Mood music and music with subliminal messages should be totally avoided. Although they can alter one’s mood, the alteration is unnatural and can even prove harmful to the psyche. The mind is very delicate and must not only be rested from stress, but also guarded against dangerous influence.


The use of a very soft light is also recommended. Light bulbs of very low wattage figure among the best choices. However, moonlight or candle light is also acceptable. Most people under stress have been exposed to bright, indoor light the larger part of the day and would do well to close and relax the eyes without any distraction of glare. The dim light is easy on the eyes while maintaining necessary visibility during the spa break.


Finally, just prior to the bath, it’s advisable to drink a cup of herbal tea. Many herbs are known for their calming effect on the nerves. Catnip is one of those plants. There should be no worry of any harmful effects as catnip is safe enough to be given to infants. Catnip is usually available in health food stores that sell bulk herbs. An infusion is made by pouring 6 ounces of boiling water over a heaping teaspoon of the cut and dried leaves which is allowed to steep for 2 – 5 minutes before straining. Natural honey, maple syrup, or stevia may be used to sweeten to taste.

Following these very simple instructions will reward many with a memorable and much needed home spa break.

A Spa at Home Experience – What You’ll Need

A Spa at Home Experience – What You’ll Need

It is a well-known fact that most working people in the western world are over stressed due mainly to being over worked, but what better way to relieve all of the stress and the tension it causes than having a well-deserved spa treatment?


For those who may be short of time or money and because of this are unable to get to a spa salon or retreat for that warranted pampering, creating a spa experience at home using inexpensive items bought from their local beauty supply store such as foot massagers, facial masks and exfoliating body lotions, could be the way to go.


Although there is no need for a plethora of home products to make your spa treatment more akin to the real thing, there should be a few particular products that all home spa enthusiasts should have available. Some of these items could include the following:


A massaging foot bath is an ideal accessory for soothing aching feet, especially after a long day in the office. Most of these foot baths comprise of various temperature controls and massage features that really do work on relieving tension. They are not expensive and should really be considered an important addition to the spa “arsenal”.


Another great piece of equipment that works on both hands and feet is the paraffin wax system. They are also inexpensive to acquire and are especially helpful to people who suffer from arthritis or those who have cracked, chapped or dry skin. The warm wax has the effect of relieving inflammation or aches felt in the hands or feet, while also leaving the skin feeling smooth and soft.

Facial saunas are another must, and these enable the face to be steamed of any and all impurities that may have accumulated over time. If this treatment is combined with an array of cleansers and moisturizers, the perfect salon experience can be had right there at home.


The ultimate in luxury is the hot oil manicure set which leaves the hands and finger nails in great condition. The calming warm oil helps fix any damaged or dry cuticles while also helping strengthen the nails at the same time.


There are obviously a whole host of other products that can be added to the inventory like oils, lotions and creams as well as various bath gels and scented bath salts – all of which have a soothing effect on a weary body.


From the above examples its plain to see that setting up a home spa needn’t be difficult or expensive, and the best part of the whole thing is that it is available at any time of the day or night … with no need to book in advance or travel across town to get to it!

Economical Spa Break With Massage

Practically everyone who has ever had a massage has thoroughly enjoyed the benefits of it even when performed by an amateur. But, one can’t expect such a luxury very often. Amateurs don’t have much time to give massages and professionals charge very high fees for their services. Nevertheless, technology has provided a way for those with modest incomes to afford the luxury of a home spa break that includes a most relaxing massage How is this possible?


HoMedics 2-in-1 Shiatsu Massage Cushion and Cordless Body MassageThe Homedics SBM-200H Therapist Select Shiatsu Massaging Cushion with Heat which can be purchased for less than $300.00 online at, serves as a tireless robotic massage therapist. Many people already own a reclining chair that has become their favorite seat in which to relax after a long and hard day of work. Why not add to that same chair a cushion that not only offers controls for massage, but also heat? The shiatsu cushion features 3 different settings to control its massage mechanism and heats up in just 30 seconds to help sooth tired and aching muscles. It is highly rated in consumer reports and customer satisfaction.


The home spa break that includes this revolutionary massage cushion can be given in any area of the house in which one is most comfortable since the cushion fits almost any chair. This is like having a mobile spa break that can be enjoyed not only in the home, but also on vacation. There are various ways to enhance the beneficial effect that this economical and versatile spa break can have. One way is to control the sounds that are heard during relaxation.


In the old days people didn’t’ have access to television, radio, video games, and computers. They weren’t annoyed with the noise pollution of lawn mowers, blasting car stereos, and many other electronics. Those people also led more peaceful lives. How can some of the stress of today be avoided during this massage spa break?


First, depending on family and work responsibilities, one may have to plan ahead to take some time alone to seclude himself in an area of his home where family won’t intrude on the spa break.

Second, he can recreate, to some extent, the same sounds which the people of ancient times and those who still dwell in the country hear. The web site of features affordable recordings of the beautiful and awesome sounds of nature. The names of them give an idea of what will be heard: Thunderstorm, Rainforest, Lilly Pond Lullaby, Cricket Chorus, Loons on a Lake, and Everglades are just a few. A spa break doesn’t have to break one’s budget.