Spa Break for a Good Night’s Sleep

It’s often forgotten just how important rest is in the battle against stress levels that can soar high enough to bring on serious physical health problems. 

As a spa break is temporary escape from stress, falling into a restful sleep can and should be an integral part of the experience. Fortunately, attending to the body’s need for a comfortable sleep can also be a stand-alone measure to follow for enjoying a form of a spa break often.


Most people simply climb into bed when sleep is overtaking them and wake when the alarm interrupts their insufficient rest. However, with just a few preparations, many people can economically treat themselves to a spa break in the comfort of their own home.


What are the preparations to be made? 

First, approximately 1 hour before going to bed, an all natural and safe sedative may be taken to calm the nerves and help to induce sleep. Valerian is an herb that’s native to Europe and America, but has gained much attention in the West in recent years. It’s believed that it was used by the ancient Greeks and Romans for a variety conditions among which figured insomnia, nervousness and tension.


The root is the part that’s employed in folk medicine and is available as a bulk herb or in capsules. The bulk herb which is usually the dried root has what most people would describe as an awful odor although it’s practically void of taste. 


A decoction is prepared if working with the bulk herb. The making of a decoction involves simmering a teaspoon of the plant material in plain water for at least fifteen minutes after which the tea may be sweetened with honey. Some people prefer the convenience of the capsules which should be taken with a full glass of water or according to instructions on the bottle. Valerian should not be taken by those who are already on medications for insomnia or anxiety.


The type of pillow used is most important in this home spa break. Man spends about one-third of his life resting. If it isn’t done properly a stiff neck, back pain, headaches, and even allergies are often the consequences. How can a person know what type of pillow he needs for his spa break? There are very basic guidelines to follow for choosing an adequate pillow for a good night’s rest. Those who tend to sleep mostly on their back may do well in choosing a thinner pillow. Those who sleep on their stomach are advised to choose a pillow that’s almost flat. Sleep on one’s side should be aided by electing a quite fluffy pillow which helps to keep the body aligned.


A spa break doesn’t always have to require large amounts of money or travel.