The Benefits Of A Scalp Oil Massage As A Home Spa

Both men and women stand to gain from treating themselves to a home spa break involving a scalp oil massage. The hair and scalp, like any other part of the body, need to be given special attention from time to time. Fortunately, that attention can also be very relaxing to the nerves since it involves massage. Many women complain of having occasionally dull, lifeless hair, and men would like to retard male pattern baldness for as long as possible. It should be noted that once such baldness has already occurred, a scalp oil massage won’t produce new growth. However, some have claimed that the balding process was halted to some degree.


Olive or avocado oil may be used, but olive oil is recommended over avocado oil. Why? Although both are said to be similar to the oil produced by the skin’s sebaceous glands, olive oil doesn’t present the worry of the possible use of solvents since the oil is easily obtained through cold pressing. Solvents are very dangerous chemicals that should be completely avoided even in trace amounts.


The oil should be slightly warmed and dried cayenne ground pepper mixed into it. This can be purchased from the seasonings section of a regular grocery/food store. Why is cayenne added to the oil? What purpose does it serve? Cayenne is one of nature’s strongest stimulants both internally and externally. When mixed with a carrier substance such as olive oil, and applied externally, it helps to bring the blood to the surface area to which it was applied. All nutrients are carried by the blood, therefore, good circulation is vital to nourish and keep every part of the body alive and vibrant.


The warmed olive oil and cayenne mixture is rubbed and massaged into the scalp for approximately 3 minutes. Stimulation of the scalp by the increased circulation and warming produced by the cayenne is detected immediately and may continue for a half hour or more. The oil massage spa break involves the person comfortably resting with the head well supported during the treatment, after which the hair is shampooed. The benefits include hair that’s noticeably more moisturized and a stimulating tingling effect that’s naturally produced.


What better way is there to assist the circulatory system in delivering important nutrients to the hair and scalp? The oil massage home spa break is just what may be needed to rejuvenate the scalp and hair, a woman’s crowning glory.