While day spa breaks are really good in terms of the excellent service that you get and the level of rejuvenation that you are able to receive, if you want the best spa breaks then you are going to have to go for the weekend spa breaks that are available from many of the same places. There are so many different services that you’ll get from a weekend spa that even though you’ll have to put more time and money into your spa treatments, you will get so much more out of it that it will definitely be worth it.



For massage therapy, spa weekend getaways are absolutely the best ones for you to pursue. You’ll be getting massages every day for two or three days in a row and if you are blown away by what one massage can do for you, try getting two or three massages in the same small period of time. You’ll come out of that last massage so relaxed that it will really be remarkable for you to feel. Few things in the world can rejuvenate like multiple massages and if you go for weekend spa breaks, you’ll get those and more.

Scalp massage and other specialty massage services are offered as well at spas and if you go for the weekend spa break instead of the day spa break you will have more opportunity to experience all of these things over the course of your stay at the spa.


Herbal Treatments

 In addition to massage therapy, there are many different herbal treatments that can help you as well. For example, on luxury spa weekends what you will find is that relaxing spa breaks include aromatherapy, which is the art of using different scents to relax you and make you feel better. Think of the great feeling you get when you first sniff the coffee in the morning before work and then multiply that feeling many times over to get a sense of what you might receive when you are in the spa.


In addition to that, things like oil massage, candle therapy, herbal stress relief and a number of other fitness related things can help you get on your feet and add to your own personal health. If you avail yourself of these services, then not only will you return to your normal life feeling much better, but you will return in better shape. Many have used a spa weekend getaway as a jump start to a healthier lifestyle and this can be you as well if you plan it that way.