A Spa at Home Experience – What You’ll Need

It is a well-known fact that most working people in the western world are over stressed due mainly to being over worked, but what better way to relieve all of the stress and the tension it causes than having a well-deserved spa treatment?


For those who may be short of time or money and because of this are unable to get to a spa salon or retreat for that warranted pampering, creating a spa experience at home using inexpensive items bought from their local beauty supply store such as foot massagers, facial masks and exfoliating body lotions, could be the way to go.


Although there is no need for a plethora of home products to make your spa treatment more akin to the real thing, there should be a few particular products that all home spa enthusiasts should have available. Some of these items could include the following:


A massaging foot bath is an ideal accessory for soothing aching feet, especially after a long day in the office. Most of these foot baths comprise of various temperature controls and massage features that really do work on relieving tension. They are not expensive and should really be considered an important addition to the spa “arsenal”.


Another great piece of equipment that works on both hands and feet is the paraffin wax system. They are also inexpensive to acquire and are especially helpful to people who suffer from arthritis or those who have cracked, chapped or dry skin. The warm wax has the effect of relieving inflammation or aches felt in the hands or feet, while also leaving the skin feeling smooth and soft.

Facial saunas are another must, and these enable the face to be steamed of any and all impurities that may have accumulated over time. If this treatment is combined with an array of cleansers and moisturizers, the perfect salon experience can be had right there at home.


The ultimate in luxury is the hot oil manicure set which leaves the hands and finger nails in great condition. The calming warm oil helps fix any damaged or dry cuticles while also helping strengthen the nails at the same time.


There are obviously a whole host of other products that can be added to the inventory like oils, lotions and creams as well as various bath gels and scented bath salts – all of which have a soothing effect on a weary body.


From the above examples its plain to see that setting up a home spa needn’t be difficult or expensive, and the best part of the whole thing is that it is available at any time of the day or night … with no need to book in advance or travel across town to get to it!